If you do not have the correct ID with you on the day you will not be permitted to complete your examination and may be charged to rebook at a later date.

You will be required to present TWO forms of valid in-date identification at reception. Both must have your name and signature and one must be a valid, government-issued picture ID.

Expired ID will not be accepted. 

'Primary ID'

Primary ID must be valid, in-date and include your photograph, name and signature. Only the following can be accepted as primary ID:

  • A valid signed Passport of any country
  • A valid and signed Photo Driving licence (full or provisional) issued in the country in which you are testing
  • A valid and signed Government Issued EU Identification Card

'Secondary ID'

Secondary ID must be valid, in-date and include your name and signature. The following can be accepted as secondary ID:

  • Debit or credit card 
  • Any ID from the primary list as long as it has not been used as your primary ID

Signature Verification

All candidates are required to sign in at the test centre. The electronic signature will be verified against both primary and secondary ID.

Change of name

If you have had a major name change since registering for the tests you must bring evidence of your name change (eg. marriage certificate, deed poll or other legal documents).  It is advisable that you call your examination centre in advance to check what documentation will be accepted.

Please contact ICB before you book your examination if you do not have the necessary ID.