Fee Structure & Guidance Notes

Effective from 1st August 2015 

Table 1

Annual Subscription fees

Fellow FICB €155.00
Member MICB PM.Dip* €144.00
Member MICB €119.00
Associate AICB PM.Dip* €132.00
Associate AICB €108.00
Affiliate AfICB €72.00
Student (+ one-off registration fee) €70.00 (+ €30.00)
Reduced Subscriptions** 25% reduction
Practice Licence*** €90.00   
Table 2

Upgrade Fees

1. Members upgrading more than 3 months before expiry. A pro rata fee for the rest of the year and a €30 administration fee. Please note that this will not affect the date of expiry.
2. Members upgrading less than 3 months before expiry. A pro rata fee for the rest of the year, a €30 administration fee and one full years subscription at the rate of the new level of membership.


Table 3

Membership by Exemption fees

Application Fee

Payable once upon application. Rejected applications do not receive any refund.


Exemption Fee

Payable once upon joining, and dependent on level of membership offered. The first year’s Annual Subscription Fee is also payable at this time.


Fellow FICB

Member MICB PM.Dip* €375.00
Member MICB €310.00
Associate Member AICB PM.Dip* €215.00
Associate Member


Affiliate Member AfICB €85.00
Registered Student n/a



For more information on the examination process, please click here

* PM.Dip denotes qualification in payroll. Any member in public practice offering payroll services must carry the PM.Dip post nominal.

** A person who is receiving benefits or who has reached 65 years of age (whether or not they have actually retired) is entitled to a 25% reduction in his or her membership fee at the time of application or renewal. Photocopies (not originals) of supporting documentation should be attached to your application. Please note that examination fees, upgrade fees, Practice Licence fees and exemption fees are not subject to this reduction.

List of Accepted Benefits

*** Any member in public practice must apply for an annual Practice Licence. They must hold a current Certificate of Professional Indemnity Insurance and be willing to abide by the Rules of Professional Conduct of ICB. 

Practice Licence Information


1.The fees outlined on this page are non-refundable.

2. Annual subscriptions cover a full twelve month period and thereafter fall due on the last day of the 12th month in each successive year unless written termination of membership is received at least one month before the end of the current subscription year.

3. Students and members who satisfy the relevant membership criteria may apply in writing to upgrade their membership at any time. Members wishing to apply for upgrade through work experience should submit names and addresses of two qualified accountants (ICAEW, ACCA OR CIMA) who are willing to support their application.

4. Exemptions from a qualification will be granted where suitable evidence of comparable achievement exists. An exemption fee is payable in addition to any application fee and annual subscription fee.

5. All application supporting documents should be photocopies only - do not send originals.  

6. No designatory letters accompany the grade of Registered Student.

7. Incorrect use of ICB designatory letters is strictly forbidden.

8. All students and members agree to abide by the Professional Conduct Regulations.

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