Bookkeeping is a regulated profession following the establishment of the Money Laundering Regulations (MLR) in 2007.  If you are providing a bookkeeping service to clients or are seen as carrying out bookkeeping 'by way of business' you must:

    • be monitored by an HM Treasury appointed supervisory authority, such as ICB
    • put in place certain controls to identify, prevent and report money laundering offences – known as anti-money laundering or AML

For more information on the meaning of 'by way of business' please visit HMRC Manual MLR2R1300

Anti-Money Laundering Supervision (AML)

Members with an ICB Practice Licence are automatically supervised under the MLR.   As an ICB Practice Licence holder, compliance with the MLR is dependent on you:

  1. Carrying out due diligence checks on each of your clients
  2. Completing a risk assessment for each of your clients
  3. Reviewing your due diligence and risk assessments at least annually

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  1. Renewing your Practice Licence on time each year
  2. Ensuring your ICB registered details are correct at all times

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For full AML Guidance please visit:

AML Guidance


Template letter of engagement.

Supervision by another body

You should only have one AML supervisor.  If you are a member of another HM Treasury appointed supervisor, such as ICAEW or ACCA, please forward a copy of supporting documents to

As an ICB member in practice you are still required to hold a Practice Licence even if you have an alternative AML supervisor.

Supervision of non-members

ICB is pleased to extend its anti-money laundering supervision scheme to practising members of the following bodies:


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