Sharon Morris’ ICB Bookkeeping training with Ideal Schools has given her the work-life balance she craves.

Sharon Morris MICB PM.Dip, of Sharon Morris Bookkeeping, enrolled with Ideal Schools back in 2003, looking for a new direction that allowed her to spend more time with her new baby. She chose the ICB qualifications with Ideal Schools to make the most of distance learning, and because her goal was to become self-employed.

Despite studying alongside looking after a newborn baby, she quickly achieved her ICB Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accounts and then set up her business in August 2004.

Almost 20 years on from setting up that buisness, Sharon now works entirely from home and chooses when she works around her children - with client meetings dependent on their needs. She has around 150 clients of all shapes and sizes and delivers a range of services including payroll, VAT returns, Self-Assessment Tax returns and general bookkeeping. 

A career in bookkeeping has delivered a great work-life balance for Sharon. Her work fits in well with family life and she can be around for her children in the holidays as well as being able to do school runs, be there for sports days and performances, and help with the PTA too. "My work-life balance is exactly where I wanted it to be when I set out and now I pretty much work part-time hours for a full-time wage."

The next generation

Sharon's son, Troy, who had just been born when Sharon enrolled back in 2003, has now decided to go down the accounting route himself and she says it was a ‘no brainer’ that he’d also undertake his training with Ideal Schools. Sharon herself had thought she was finished with studying but after some thought and a chat with Ideal Schools Managing Director, Brian McVean, she is currently in competition with Troy to see who can complete ICB Level 4 first!

Sharon explains she thinks Ideal Schools has been the right training provider for her and her son because, from the start, she says, “the feel was there.” After she’d enrolled, she says it was apparent she’d made the right choice. "Everyone was approachable, friendly, knowledgeable, non-judgemental, and there whenever I needed them. The assignments were back quickly and sometimes instantly, and I've been happy with not just the service but the advice and support from Ideal Schools in general, and from Brian McVean in particular."

To anyone considering a similar journey, Sharon ends with, “Stick it out. It does come through in the end. All of a sudden, there will be a time where you’re like, wow, I’ve got a lot of clients now!” She states that she is getting new clients all the time and says, “It does happen, you just need your name out there. Be confident! Confident in what you can offer and what you can do. And it will come right, it will get there.”

You can read more here about achieving ICB qualifications through Ideal Schools if Sharon’s route to success has inspired you.